Good morning! From anxiety does anyone experience difficulty going to the bathroom even in their own home?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Ryssa


    I do, im not sure if its even necessarily going to the bathroom, sometimes even when i know im home alone, i still shut the door and lock it, or when i go to change my clothes and I'm home alone, ill go into the bathroom and close and lock the door.

  • RoxieRedfox


    I'll be honest I have a favorite bathroom that I feel more "safe" in and I don't like having to use the other one. 😅

  • flyingcoco18


    Yes! I get so anxious a bug is going to appear or that someone (my awful landlord specifically who's done this before) will try to break into my apartment while I'm vulnerable and the sound of flushing the toilet & turning my back to the doorway to wash my hands makes me so anxious that I'm going to be percieved or miss hearing or seeing something dangerous

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