Anxiety/Depression Question: (Rant alert) How to feel less anxious about cleaning a small trailer fast? Like I know the basics normally get the place looking half decent. I do have a lot of stuff despite having 2 big purges. It feels defeating to keep up the cleaning when it gets undone as soon as I go to bed it seems. We are welcoming another member of the family soon. I had been bleeding still which gets confusing if you guys are wondering how far along I am for reference. Sometimes I just crawl into my smoking habit and smoke because I'm overwhelmed. What else can I get rid of to help make transitioning to a new place too less overwhelming? Help!

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Iz684


    Moving is one of the biggest stressors, as is a pregnancy. Remember that there’s time and things will get done. Don’t overwork yourself. Work on a small section and then another and then another. If you get super stressed, take a break. You deserve it

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