Does anyone else experience significant anxiety and panic symptoms associated with constipation? I feel like I start getting anxious even if it’s only been 1 or 2 days since a bowel movement (which I know is not an emergency situation, but I begin to behave like it is!). I feel like my gut-brain connection is so strong that constipation fuels anxiety and that anxiety then fuels constipation and makes for a terrible cycle! I feel like if I could drop some anxiety it would be help me so much.

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  • Rosemaryjane


    There’s definitely some high imbalance between your gut and brain which can be due to the wrong microbes taking over your colon. It is like a positive feedback loop as that anxiety fuels those symptoms too:( May i ask what you do to relieve these symptoms? Any supplements or foods you rely ok? Do you eat sugary foods?

  • Rosemaryjane


    I recommend this: Chia seed pudding: ive been relying on this for my bowel movements, its a miracle. 1 cup of your milk of preference, 1 spoonful of brown sugar of any sweetener, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, mix well and mix occasionally or until you eat it (at least wait one hour) which will may require some mixing for it to thicken up Raw garlic: eat one clove of raw garlic by biting or chop it finely and swallow it w olive oil or whatever u prefer Do so in the morning or night but you will have garlic breath. It is a prebiotic that feeds your good bacteria and antibiotic that kills pathogenic bacteria. It helps me out a lot plus it will boost your immune system

  • hurt_copain


    Absolutely 😥

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