More of a vent post unless someone has any advice. Anyway I hate having anxiety ~ the attacks are always so bad it feels like I'm going to die and I've tried breathing techniques and other things but I feel like they just make it worse. I do know one thing that helps which is talking to someone like irl (not texting but actually physically speaking) and also like hugging someone or holding their hand but that's the problem I don't have anyone to do that with because all of my friends are always busy and can't call and my parents think my anxiety is dramatic and just tell me to get over it. I know those work for sure but i can't ever use them and I'm not sure what else to do at this point because nothing else works. I've even tried sleep but it just starts again when I wake up ~

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Emax


    I feel the same way. I feel that physical affection and support helps me a lot but I can't receive it from anywhere, and especially as a guy it's extra hard (cause friends aren't very physically affectionate -- it's too girly? Idfk). It really sucks. I feel you and I'm sorry, I hope you can find something (or someone!!) that helps you!

  • aedlyk


    A good technique that usually works on me is tu hold my own hands or touch a part of my body to remind me I am not alone. Also I try to focus on the present by listening to the sounds in that moment, looking where I am located, smelling etc. That technique is call grounding. Give it a try, I hope it can work.

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