I don’t talk much here but hello! I wanna start a discussion, if you were to become any animal, why did you choose that? i would be a bird because I currently care for my two baby birds and I’m their bird dad

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  • Pidge2004


    I would be a Deer cause I would feel majestic running through the forest

  • IAmTired247


    Red panda because they look adorable and I want to be seen as cute and loved on.

  • Sweetpea94


    I would be a cat because I like to be a little antisocial and only want attention from my husband when I need it

  • couragousepilepic21


    A dolphin because I like swimming.

  • meridian


    i want to be a cat bc i want to be agile but also cuddly

    • Swiftie13


      I would also want to be a cat! I’m so jealous of how graceful they are

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