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Lately I’ve been questioning my sexuality. I’ve always identified as a straight woman, however recently I’ve noticed that I have been attracted lately to certain women. (Here’s where I sound like an idiot) I think it’s purely sexual. I’m wondering if I’m just curious about sex with a woman or if I am actually bisexual. I do still like men and I know the emotional side towards men is there, but am I bisexual if I am purely curious about sex with women and not emotional relationships?
I guess I should put it this way: I could see potential for an emotional connection to another woman, however I only see myself ending up with a man and I only desire to end up with a man long term (marriage). And if you’ve read this far and have any idea what I’m talking about (lol), then what does it mean if I find both genders attractive but I only desire to have a relationship with a man? Am I really just a bisexual woman who is suppressing her feelings? Thanks for coming to my TED Talk 😉😅

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