Back in 2019, I was drinking a lot of light beer. Buy a lot I mean like 12 Keystone lights five times a day. Anyways, I know it's bad… But after about a year I started to break out in really bad hives after just one, and my lungs were shut down and I would have a fever and be in bed for a day or two. So I stop doing that, for a few weeks anyways. I've struggled often on with alcoholism, runs in my family. Anyways, the long and the fever she's gone away but the highs slowly started to come back, and over this past year it's almost every day. Along with the hives, my stomach gets really gurgly, and then starts to hurt. Next thing you know I haven't eaten for a day, and all that comes out is gas and this yellow mucousy discharge. I know gross. anyways, I can't really eat anything while that happens, it happens maybe once a month for a couple days and it's really unpleasant. I am almost certain it's tied to the hives. About a year and a half ago I went in and had a blood panel drawn, another 50 different food state tested before I was allergic to like almost 30 of them. i'm 37 years old, 510, 180 pounds, I'm in pretty good shape, I eat pretty good. By pretty good I mean intermittent fasting and I tried to stay away from processed foods and wheat. Those things seem to hurt me pretty bad. I am pretty sure the allergies came from the chemicals that they put in that low quality beer. For the last year and a half or so, I switch to expensive beer and when I drink I only drink a six pack, it seems to help, but when my body shuts down it all happens at one time and it really hurts.

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