i guess i’m ranting but also looking for some guidance.
i have been taking bupropion for 2 weeks and i started to break out in hives yesterday. the hives were caused by the bupropion and i am very allergic. i’m covered head to toe in hives (literally on my scalp and the bottoms of my feet) and i cannot stop itching or worrying about my mental and physical state.
my doctor and i agreed not to get steroids to help with the hives, because the steroids might make me even more depressed and we do not want to risk it.
they gave me epinephrine and told me to get zyrtec and take an antihistamine to help but it’s only been less than 12 hours since then and i feel awful.
the bupropion has a long half life in the body and the hives will laste for a week. i don’t know how much longer i can take this.




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  • MorganFaire


    I don't have any guidance, but hang in there!

  • callee


    An oatmeal bath could possibly bring you some relief!

    • lavenderandlilac


      i shoved 2 cups of oatmeal in 2 socks and bathed in lukewarm water. that hits different. oatmeal sock is a 10/10

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