Schizophrenia is hell.


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  • Jazneta


    Agreed it doesn't feel nice

  • Crystal0913


    Schizophrenia ruined my life. I lost custody of my son. My ex moved to the other side of the US so I never see him. I lost my job then my nursing license because I didn't renew it because I could not work. I lost my home and became homeless. Then went to live in a halfway house for the mentally ill. On top of that I have to deal with all the side effects. If I'm not hearing voices then I'm feeling sick. With headaches n/v and feeling so tired like a zombie. Schizophrenia is hell.

    • Leahk


      I agree with you, that Schizophrenia is hell. I hope your family never gives up on you

  • Dustmann


    My worst schizophrenia symptom is avolition, it's not even psychosis. It is very much hell. Luckily I have vitamin D and tai chi for avolition. It really helps! I've got to learn more coping skills for it though. It's hard.

  • Bluefucious


    Hi everyone im new looking for someone like me

  • Bluefucious


    ❤️ for people suffering 💕for the mothers.. and 🙌today will be a good day

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