im so mad at my fp rn. he left me alone for so many hours & I was there waiting for him and my msg never getting a reply knowing damn well he wasn't doing jack shit. now I feel terrible because he has a right to have his own time and breathable space id just wish he told me before I wasted my day waiting for him:( I want to tell him how much it hurts but I dont wanna cause problems + I had already told him I had problems with this stuff beforehand idk what to do.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • wren1927


    well yeah your right he does have to the right for his own space and id try not to react to greatly but yes you are correct he should've texted you and let you knoe

  • atami


    i feel you.. im so sorry you have to experience this, i know it hurts a lot to have held your breath for so long if you're willing; perhaps talk to him more about it— communication is key as they say, but especially for people like us who have such tangled emotional episodes let him know you feel like you need a little more support when alone and remember; it's okay to ask for accomodations; you're dealing with something extremely tough and good friends would be glad to help you also when you feel like it's taking too long for a response, i recommend distraction— like do an activity or something small you like any extra happiness helps, even if it's hard at first i believe you'll be able to counquer this in time :) but please dont be ashamed to ask for help; even if it doesnt go right the first time— it's important to always try— for yourself

  • Samhugz


    hey, i had the same problems in the beginning of my relationship. I learned to just set boundaries and say whats on my mind. If a persons feelings are hurt or look at me differently because im voicing my boundaries, then they never really cared for me nor deserve me. Also, I promise that at some point you’ll stop worrying. I recently realized I havent worried about it in months.

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