I was about to go get help but now I lost majority of my motivation to go to a psychiatrist or therapist. I lost any interest to receive or get help. How do I get the motivation? How do I hold myself accountable enough with my mental disorders to care enough to do something?


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  • dogdad13


    If you wait for motivation to do something you'll be waiting forever. You have to just do the things you know are good for you, even if you don't want to do them. What's helped me a lot is asking myself 2 questions. Is there any reason for me not to do it now, and will the future me be glad I did it? If the answers are no and yes, respectively, then I just do the thing and get it over with.

  • MacAndCheese


    Sometimes you need help getting motivated, and I’d suggest getting a trusted friend/loved one who can help. It’s easier to do it for someone else than for yourself.

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