I am unable to get knee surgery until the cartilage collapses in my knee as well as the existing avascular necrosis- how do I stay active?


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Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

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  • Rabbitlady


    I have been doing water aerobics and am loving it. I have AVN in 9 joints (multiple replacements and surgeries) and have lasting effects but when I’m in water I can do so much more and without all the pain.

  • Hypochondriac


    A physical therapist can teach you how to use your leg to keep it functioning without causing any more damage. You also need to rest and reduce the weight and pressure on the leg

  • Jojomama


    I’ve been dealing with the same. Been back in a wc after years after my hips (4 surgeries). I just keep pushing. Im 45 with MDS trisomy 8. Waiting for me isn’t an option. I’d rather have it done and build up my strength. Im so atrophied right now it’s not feasible to go to PT. Plus I live WAY off the grid. An hour away from a grocery store

  • Rabbitlady


    I feel the same, get the replay out of the way and focus on getting stronger. My leukemia started out as MDS (an oncologist had told me that I just needed B12 injections and sent me on my way).

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