Hi! Has anyone ever had Botox in their pylorus muscle before? I'm getting that done endoscopically soon, probably after the new year. Just wondering what to expect as gastroparesis can be tricky :)


Chronic Generalized pain

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  • BoomerangValentine


    I just had this procedure done on the 14th! Can’t offer much insight since it’s only been a few days. I haven’t had any improvement in symptoms yet, but I’m still optimistic. I had a bit of a flare for about 48hrs after the endoscopy, but that may or may not have been related. I hope yours goes well and helps you get some relief!!

  • Kobo


    I’ve heard about it. How many treatment cycles do you have to go through?

  • Messymexi


    I actually had it cut endoscopically and it helped for maybe 6 months. I still suffer MALS pain after two release surgeries as well

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