I have been battling this for years and feel like giving up, yet here I am looking for help. I can't find anyone to talk to that understands ME. anyone that says they care, don't understand anything I've gone thru and where I'm at now. I'm a guy so it seems even harder. not really looking for advice, just someone that's gone thru the same. A dm is always welcome


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  • Bureizu


    I hope you are able to find someone whom you can relate with on you journey through your depression. It is really important to not feel alone when your brain tells your otherwise.

  • romdam


    I just thought there'd be someone to relate with and could support each other

  • Thixo


    Hey, I’m a guy too (granted I’m trans) but I get how you’re feelin man. I’m not here to give advice but at least just to reach out a hand and tell you you aren’t alone. So many of us suffer, but we all suffer in different ways. Sure we might not suffer the same as someone else, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get the emotions we feel. I get the emotions you feel. And I’m here

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