I'm very social but once I leave them my anxiety gets so bad I start the loop that's what I call it I don't know if anyone else experiences it but it's where ur in a focused loop with your body pulsing and not being able to think at all the only thing is physical touch that helps.

Adjustment Disorder

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  • Angel


    I also have some feelings like the loop you described. After a long time that I didn't know how to stop that loop, I learned to practice breathing, and I noticed it helps me calm down. It sounds that you also have a way to calm down during your loop. Maybe try to find more ways that don't depend on other people, so that you can solve your bad feelings by yourself.

  • Mayte


    Hi I’m new here 👋 I also have that pulsating feeling in my body like I could feel and hear my whole body beating, it’s so scary to me, I get this ugly sensation like I’m gonna die, but yes deep breathing always helps and of course 🙏 prayer.

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