ADHD - Predominantly inattentive peeps - what are some things that help you stay motivated and organized


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • NeedsRealHelp


    Wish I had an answer, sending love though!

  • bbsjss


    my meds and red bull...I'm the most focused and motivated when I drink red bull with my meds. not the smartest thing to do but it works for me when I really need to get stuff done

    • Grub


      yeah same here, high doses of caffeine alone also comes in clutch when you're between med appointments

  • taloorah


    Other than meds, LISTS

    • cupcakenoodle


      Oh my god! Yes. I mean, yeah my for me, without my meds, i feel like i am in the body of a 5 year old. My movements are so jerky, and unnatural, and i just feel UNCOMFY. 😅 As well as i feel just so tired without them. I think as for being motivated. I think that has to come from within. Id day definitely on it with you making lists. That helps me, but its also about actually getting the stuff on the list done. I think that setting a reward for yourself is a great way. As well as, making the list small for the day, instead of telling myself to do 10 things, i focus on one, or maybe two, because that way, i just can focus on just that. As for organization! Okay, planners. They dont work, for many ADHD folks out there. But has anyone heard of the bullet journal. Even a simple one. Something that you can personallly make, that has little doodle pages and stuff. I highly recommend looking that up!! But dont overdue it, just the simplest one works! Idk if that helps anyone lol it is 1 am here so I am not fully here mentally

  • milked_rice


    Routine tbh. Sometimes there's no motivation to see within miles of my brain, so I have to rely on just trying to get through my to-do list.

  • Mareena


    Lists, planners, calendars, and spite

  • Ellzel


    Always wanting to be better

  • laur_moo


    Caffeine, and trying to be like people I see doing what they seem to do normally. I do end up feeling like I'm faking it but I get things done sometimes

  • lilac_insomniac


    it may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s amazing how much having something that depends on you can motivate you. Whether that’s a pet, family/friends, or even plants. If you know that your dog can’t get food by itself, needing to give it food is a good motivator to get out of bed and start the day. Once you’re already up, sometimes you can channel that motivation into other things as well. If you’re not ready/able to handle pets (or simply don’t want them), a little windowsill plant or something can give you the same sense of caring for something with much less risk if it goes wrong :))

  • heartvalais


    Keeping a planner and indulging in my special interests. Also reminders and apps to help me be organized.

  • InsidiousAnomaly


    Got put down and discouraged when I would write on my hand and arm...but like lists are only so good till I lose it or forget to use it. Same for planners, it's out of sight and out of mind. Apps/reminders/alarms also don't work because my I'd makes me clear notifications constantly and once it's cleared its like I forget it exists. Have to do everything as a time limited deadline to even get it done in time. I don't know how to stay organised when the systems don't work for me. Check ins or people reminding me sends me into an anxiety attack though.

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