I've started to date and it's really hard. any tips to dating with celiac when the other person isn't?

Celiac Disease

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  • Lolita


    Why is it hard? Your date can have a beer and you’ll have a glass of wine. There are so many solutions for gluten-free food today, much more than I remember when I first diagnosed with celiac

  • nico123


    I generally research the restaurants beforehand and then have them choose from restaurants that have gf options or that I know are safe.. It is hard tho so hang in there!

  • Glutenfreedom


    My bf brushes his teeth after having gluten to make sure he doesn’t gluten me with a kiss! Find a partner who is supportive. It is so so important. My bf asked if I had any dietary restrictions before our first date, then packed a lovely picnic of gluten free snacks. Our second date, he made me gluten free Phad Thai! What’s most important is that you know what you need to eat safely and are able to communicate it clearly. Find safe places to eat and stick to that! Findmeglutenfree can be a helpful app!

  • glutenistseacow


    I'm also starting to date and it is stressful. My strategy has been to let the other person know ahead of time. Choosing restaurants sucks, and deciding what to eat sucks, as the risk of cross contamination is high even when there are GF options. I'm just trying to be positive, like, I can't have The Habit burgers but I can have Five Guys and their fries are delicious. I can't have beer but I can try the hard cider or a glass of wine. I hope it gets easier for both of us 💕

  • Faerie37


    What’s been most helpful in my relationship is knowing that my partner doesn’t mind eating gluten free. He doesn’t have to and eats so much gluten regularly but he’s never been scared or weary when I make gluten cookies or pasta or what have you. He will also (occasionally) order food gluten free at restaurants so we can both share. I’ve had many different partners over the years of being diagnosed and it’s never been that big of an issue aside from our date night restaurant pool being smaller than average

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