So my tilt table test came back negative and my eco came back normal. So basically I "don't have POTS" but he says it is really abnormal for my HR to jump to 170 by walking casually. I still have huge headaches, and dizziness. Recently it feels like the room is moving slowly and time sort of skips? I feel like it's my dizziness getting worse. I'm worried that I'll pass out ome of these times while I'm working. I'm getting my gallbladder ultrasound in July. I also took my propranolol today, and got $45 worth of different drinks to try because of dehydration.


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)



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  • Hamster99


    My dizzy spells got a lot better for like 4 years after my gallbladder removal but now I am getting them more frequently again. My dr just started me on propranolol to see if thst helps with my heart rate.

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