ok so I have no idea what happened at the beginning of this year but I got a sudden anxiety about eating in front of people. Its gotten worse this month and I started sleeping through the day and eating only at night when my family is asleep just to avoid dinner time. Idk why I'm scared to eat infront of them, this was only an issue with strangers and friends but now I feel so helpless and irrational. I'm not sure what this is or what I can do to help myself so any info would be greatly appreciated!

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  • lilypetal


    Hi, I have the exact same issue. I am scared of getting food in between my teeth, how I look when I eat…etc I’m so self conscious about it so I’m glad I’m not the only one. I would consider thinking about what was happening when this started to get worse for u, try to get down to the root issue of why you are so afraid of eating infront of others. Maybe practicing eating small snacks around other people, I also feel more comfy when others are eating with me or if there is background sound if u don’t like others hearing u chew. Watching tv and eating helps ease my anxiety when I’m with others as well. Find things you can do to slowly step out of your comfort zone and know u aren’t alone

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