you shouldn't let your problems get the best of you because if you are upset you will probably hurt the ones closets too you whoever you are around you will probably lash out at them you should find ways too cope and put a cap on your anger I hurt my mom two or three times and it hurts my heart I wanted too cry and it became too much so I had too stop thinking about me hurting her and also do something else like listen too music or watch movies or tv shows I was upset with her and the rest of my siblings for how they treated me instead of talking about what was bothering instead I hurt her and I felt bad about that I tried too talk too her couple times but she didn't know what was bothering me and she didn't understand like how I wanted her too I also wasn't as clear as I could be because I had alot of unresolved issues I hope whoever reads this will learn from me

Anxiety (Including GAD)



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  • Vyowleta


    I’m sorry to hear your situation. You clearly care about your Mom and your Mom cares about you too. I’m sure you didn’t want to go as far as hurting her. I can relate to this when I would lash out at my mom when she doesn’t understand me, then I regret my actions right after and cry about it. At least you’re acknowledging your faults and that’s a good thing. Hopefully, you and your Mom are able to resolve the situation soon. Or reconnect and talk it out again but doing so in a more calmly manner. I wish the best for you ❤️

    • tahtah


      thank you me and my mom are on good terms now I hug and squeeze her Everytime I see her I just am disappointed with myself for not being sensitive too her feelings but I'm going too try and make it up too her and spend more time with her

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