So, this is more ranty than seeking advice, but I'll take advice as well.

I'm starting to get really frustrated with my line of work. I basically am a programmer, which I love because of how much structure and consistency computers need to function. What I don't love is the fact that others in my field seem to base their opinion of me on how often I need to double check syntax, as well as how much I struggle to use code that they've written... And not documented at all... And only ever verbally explain to me so if I need to reference something I can only hope that I wrote down the parts that I forgot.

My focus also seems to be at least somewhat tied to my hormonal cycle, which is just sooo fun to deal with in a male-dominant field. I haven't gone ahead and disclosed the fact that I have ADHD and fibromyalgia (yay brain fog flares...) but I'm starting to think about doing so in order to request that we prioritize documentation a bit more than the team historically has... I don't want to feel like I have to disclose just to get something that should be default, but I think it's the fastest way to be able to obtain the tools that I need.

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  • IndianaAnnie


    Maybe there is a program out there you can suggest that allows for more fluid written communication? My line is always “I will try to remember, but if you don’t send it in writing there is no guarantee.”

  • ThatOneNerd


    I need things in writing too, otherwise my ADHD will just make me forget seconds later, and then I’ll be anxious that I’m misremembering.

  • Raina


    I would contact HR or your team member services department and ask someone for advice. See if you’re able to get accommodations at your workplace and then you can request documentation and better written/verbal communication as an accommodation and things can’t be held against you if you have brain fog which causes you not to remember things that should -like you said-be written out as standard.

  • doobie


    Aren't these issues normal in the programming profession? I've never met anyone who doesn't spend hours checking syntax and is able to easily understand others' code. Sounds like your coworkers are just condescending/misogynist/assholes.

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