Hey! just downloaded Alikes. I have Crohn's Disease and was diagnosed in May 2021. I'm on the Humira Pen to manage it, but still find that my eating is a major proponent to how I'm feeling as well as bowel movements. Trying to find a good do and don'ts list, though I know most of that is completely subjective from person to person. I also had my Gallbladder removed two weeks ago, and since the low fat diet, I've found my Crohn's symptoms reduced as well. Just thought the fat correlation was interesting. Have any of you found that reducing your fat intake has helped your symptoms?

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  • NordicFire


    I would be really interested in learning if that was the case for others. My issues didn't start until I started losing weight. I joined WW and didn't eat a lot of fatty foods. That was five years ago. Now I'm not following the diet as strict and perhaps the more fatty foods I consume isn't helping. Thing is, I can eat one thing one day and it not bother me. A week or so later I eat the same thing and I'm down with a flare up. I can't seem to pinpoint any certain foods that causes my flare ups. They just come as they please. Also, my gall bladder has been out for over 22 years.

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