I'm about to start injections for her and I really nervous so I was wondering how you dealt with that fear

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  • PupMicah


    It helps to think about the fact that it's yourself doing it, and that you trust yourself the most out of anyone. You having the control over the needle helps the fear go away. Also getting used to doing it.

  • BeanBoy


    So, I'm 3 years on T and I still shake every time. What I do is put on music I like, get everything prepped and ready, and when you have you actually put the needle in, close your eyes and focus on your breathing and the music. I find the puncture part to be the worst, once the needle is in, I can open my eyes again and steady myself to push the plunger. Count a couple breaths (i usually do about 10) and quickly pull needle out and bandaid. I don't know how to get rid of the anxiety completely, but I promise it gets easier and more normal. You just have to accommodate the parts that block you the most.

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