anybody have any helpful tips for stopping the urge to binge? I have a therapist and I am on anxiety meds but the urge is something etched into my brain and it's hard to stop.

Binge eating disorder

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  • Meredith75


    I find if I do yoga I dont tend to binge as often. But when the urge to binge starts I haven't found a way to stop it. I dont know if that helps.

    • AfterlifeOfTheParty


      that helps a lot. Weight lifting and stretching helps me, but it's like you an emotional mental when that urge hits I have no self control.

  • LunaLisa


    I think it takes practice. For me I don't binge eat until a few hours before bedtime. By then I'm exhausted from the day and I'm ready to eat, relax, and chill. But the eating part seems to not want to stop. Last night I wanted to eat something specific like really bad. Even though I just ate 30 minutes before. It was really late and I was already tired. I thought about it for awhile and just kept telling myself to wait until tomorrow. It actually worked, but that doesn't mean I didn't binge eat before that urge. But it's still progress! This is a journey that takes patience for sure.

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