How do you get out of your own head when you feel depressed 😔. Please no clichés. thanks ❤️

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation


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  • Crowsasgods


    I like to focus on something that brings a feeling of passion.

    • TheLavenderPuppy


      Interesting. Like what kind of things? Any examples?

  • Marshmallow22


    I like to take walks on beautiful sunny days when it's not hot. I have a dog and it makes me so happy to watch him jump in the creek.

  • Jenny_Lee


    I like to walk in the grass barefoot or wade in the water. Anything to keep my head distracted. Keep your head up!

  • FallonSpaag


    The psychology says that the best way to put yourself in a better mood is to do something nice for someone else. I don't know if that's a cliche or not. The psychology goes a little bit like, I just did something nice for someone else. They thanked me for doing something nice. I must be a good person, because only good people do good things for other people. And they told me I was a good person when they thanked me. It's hard for your subconscious to argue with that. Worst case, you try it a few times, you don't feel any better, and you've made the world a little bit better place anyway. If you do try this technique, please do come back and let us know how it worked!

  • crimsoncoronet


    I find it very helpful to just busy myself any way I can. At least when things feel really bleak my main focus is distraction. So I force myself to do something, clean, work out, play video games, work, run errands. Mainly I have to make myself busy enough to not think the undesirable thoughts, so I'm often doing more than one thing at a time like listening to music while cleaning or watching something on TV while crocheting or playing games.

  • Weds


    I agree with the person that said to do things that help people. When I help someone it forces me to feel a sense of happiness to know I made their life easier in some way. It’s a good way to force yourself to have a positive emotion :)

  • Aspie_Raven


    I read happy fanfiction about my favorite characters. It helps me escape reality and be able to deal with a little better when i come back. Fair warning if you get agitated when interrupted while reading find a hideyhole or put on some do not disturb me unless the house is on fire your dying or the world is ending headphones

  • HyenaClan


    These days the thing that helps most is giving my turtle “tummy time.” This is my way of saying handling her. She is so small and innocent and having her trust me. It always raises my spirits even if it’s just temporary🌻

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