my anxiety usually comes out in irritability, and I don't know how to communicate with people that I'm sorry when I'm frustrated because the anxiety won't go away and I need a break. this generally happens when I'm at work and don't always have time to go sit down somewhere quiet and breath it out

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  • lattedemon


    i completely understand- and it's hard because even saying "i need a moment" can be perceived differently than we intent it to be taken. maybe it would be a good idea (if it's safe and you feel supported) to talk to your boss/management about this to create accommodations- or if there are a select couple of coworkers who you trust and communicate with often, maybe you could disclose this to them so you can come up with a way to better communicate with them in times of high anxiety. i'm sorry you're having to navigate this in a work environment, i know it's hard to do- but you can do this 💚

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