I have an incomplete spinal cord injury C4 level with spinal cord atrophy. Spinal cord atrophy was just diagnosed this year. I crushed my C4 and had emergency surgery due to paralysis from the neck down. I regained function after surgery, took 2yrs working with P.T. to walk again and return to work. 6yrs after the original injury I noticed increased muscle weakness and had radial nerve palsy. I was then dx with spinal cord atrophy and cervical myelopathy. I had to stop working and I have gotten much weaker. I'm looking for anyone experiencing something similar who can tell me what to expect. I'm filing for SSDI, but I'm a shell of my former self. I used to love going to the gym, outdoor activities, and my independence. I loved my job as a nurse, which I can no longer do and miss terribly. I feel like I've lost my identity, along with all the things I'm no longer able to do, and I feel lost. Any suggestions?

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