I need suggestions for holistic and natural remedies to help with my diabetes...specifically neuropathy in my feet


Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)


Diabetic Neuropathy


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  • Ladyekaye


    I use massage and hydrotherapy... I'm still on gabapentin and ibuprofen 800, but it helps on the really bad days. Also use different creams and oils on my feet.

    • Joiluv


      do have any oils or creams that you can recommend?

  • Tobydottir


    Ladyekaye, I'm interested in suggestions as well. I have neuropathy AND sciatic nerve damage, so any ideas are welcome.

  • soooo


    I've had t2d for a long time mostly uncontrolled , up to 11.9 A1C. I have been lucky I think so far. I hope. No neuropathy but sometimes I feel it starting in my feet. What I do is cut waaay back on carbs and sweets and eat more green veggies until it stops. I have also cut back on red meat. I try but I love carbs and chocolate so it's difficult. I hope this helps.

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