Started my very 1st job last week! It's a
part time retail job at a Halloween store
and Halloween is my favorite holiday so I'm happy I got the job. School always wore me down so much, i'm autistic and ADHD, i was really beat down by all the people and noises and social interactions and stress and periods of long focus and partially masking and I was worried this job would be the same but it's not. It's so much quieter than a 2,000 student public high school and most of the social interactions with customers are very short and I don't have to focus on one task for a long time, I have lots of little tasks to do like organizing separate spots in different sections and helping customers with varying questions. and my manager is nice and i feel comfortable around her. my 1st shift i took a 20mg long release ritalin and a hydroxyzine for anxiety before i left and my 2nd shift i was running late so i took nothing and i was still totally fine! i do get headaches after a while during work and i have to have a period of quiet and preferably go non-verbal for a while after work but
thats manageable and to be expected
for me. i'm really happy with how work
has been going and am relieved its
been pretty easy and fun. ever since i
was little i would always clean up and
reorganize stores i was in for fun and
now i'm getting paid for it!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • camel


    Well done. I have started my first job at a theme park doing retail stores. It was fun. I have made a few mistakes here and there but I have worked through them. I might be able to work during Christmas and Halloween, but since it is My first time I don't know if they will let me.

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