Does anyone else have trouble like, noticing things about their own appearance? Like - I can get up and get ready for my hair, brush my teeth....and then get to work and my coworker asks why I have makeup smudged under my eyes...and I then realize that it's yesterday's mascara and that somehow I stared at myself in the mirror several times that morning and did not even notice it was there.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Tom1991


    Oh yeah.. That's life with ADD.. I started to use small post-its around the house to remind me of things like checking my hair and locking the door..

  • mariposa.92


    Thank you for the response!! I have always been like that but I was just diagnosed with ADHD and my behaviors haven't changed but now I'm starting to notice them....and it seems several of them are due to the ADHD and I just never knew that's what they were!

  • LoquaciouLo


    Tubular mascara. Changed to that and never looked back! Google “tubular mascara” and it should throw you a bunch of websites with lists. I use the one Clinique makes and I’d never go back. NO SMUDGES. If you forget to wash it at night it’ll just flake off around your eyes and brush right off.

  • Bleuthebat


    I have issues where I’ll do my makeup and be looking at myself in the mirror but I’m not really *looking and processing* what I see in the mirror if that makes sense.

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