"I told you I want you, but how can I have you if you're broken"

has anyone else ever been told this? cause that shit hurt just now


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  • susuwatari


    Not personally, but nobody deserves to be told they're broken. We're not broken, to be broken implies we can be fixed, which just isn't the case with depression - there is no *known* "cure", depression is a part of us we learn to live with and manage, and those that love us need to understand that. I'm so sorry you had to hear this, you're not broken!

  • Eren2273


    Please stay away from whoever said this to you. They're not a good person if they think you're "broken" because of your problems. You can find better people 💕

  • Gingeralamode


    I have been told similar things, and it hurts for sure. Just know that you deserve love no matter how "broken" you may or may not be.

  • Ashcookie


    No one's said this to me but fr I'd envision this would be same to me since I'm broken 😆 I like feel and relate to that

  • 4byfour


    I think that phrase is bull. Projection. The nature of relationships is that things will be hard to handle. Hard conversations will happen, empathy will be challenging, and things won’t always be perfect. I think to a lot of people, they think persisting through real emotions means they’re dealing with something ‘broken’. Whoever it is, they probably just want to pretend it’s not a natural element of relationships to have to deal with hard emotions, and is probably just too scared to dive into the mind of someone who’s real, communicative, and going out of their way to deal with the real stuff. I’m sorry that person made you feel bad. I’m sure they have a lot of internalized issues they don’t know how to deal with themselves. Ofc idk anything and I’m projecting myself, but you’re not ‘broken’, you’re just growing.

  • Heartfelt



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