What all does POTS entail? What are somw things that make you tired our out of breath? What else is there besides fast heart rate that I should be looking out for? My doctor explained a little bit but I had a hard time understanding.



Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • buggy


    i get dizzy/lightheaded and sometimes pass out when standing up or standing for a long period of time. when this happens usually my heart rate increases and feels like my heart is pounding in my chest and head. sometimes i can lose my breath for seemingly no reason at all, and my chest feels heavy. i also seems to have very poor circulation to my hands and feet, they are always freezing and i struggle to keep them warm. i would be cautious not too move too fast when changing positions and be wary of what seems to personally trigger your symptoms

  • Chrys


    Changes in posture and activity will cause your heart rate to jump. Our bodies have difficulty circulating, so tachycardia helps us keep the blood in the upper half of our bodies and brain. Make sure you take your time moving around and listen to your body for signs of pre-syncope. Wearing compression stockings, elevating your legs periodically, drinking electrolyte water, and eating plenty of salt should aid in keeping your symptoms in check. Stress, hormones, weather/season changes, barometric pressure, and temperature play a role in the severity of your symptoms as well. Your hands and feet may be cold and/or discolored due to lack of circulation, and your feet may turn purple due to blood pooling upon sitting/standing. This all depends on how severe your symptoms are. I’d pay special attention to your body as time goes on and note anything that may be concerning so that you can bring it up next time you see your PCP. Make sure ya take things slow and be patient with yourself and your body! c:

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