we might be able to get an autism diagnosis soon! does anyone have any tips on how we can go about this? or ways to make it easier/what the process is like for a minor? thanks! :D

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Auroraskye


    No advice, but sending positive thoughts your way. I had my son evaluated when he was 11 but the psychologist focused more on his adhd (which had been diagnosed 5 years before and was already being treated 🙄) and only did 2 tests for autism … and then said he couldn’t have autism because he would have been diagnosed as a toddler and we wouldn’t just be coming for a diagnosis at age 11. … 7 years later I was diagnosed with autism at age 36.

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I personally wrote out the symptoms I related to and instances when they came up or memories I had with them. I wrote how difficult they made my life. I felt this was necessary as most people didn’t believe me when I was first curious if I had it or not and wanted to be taken seriously. Sending you warm wishes through your process!

  • royalty


    I had an evaluation done when I was twelve. I wasn't diagnosed until last year for multiple different reasons. But I remember being taken back to a quiet room and asked all of these questions. They test your memory and see if you have any other learning disabilities as well. You're basically just taking a written exam except the questions are easy. Just be wary, when I took it, they told me it was just anxiety. If they say that, try to stand up for yourself and push for the proper diagnosis.

  • PinkPupButt


    take tests online! I'll drop a link to a site that's trustworthy and whatnot by other autistics for you! I'd suggest taking these tests and printing out the results, print out the dsm as well and highlighting what relates to you and your experience with notes explaining it as well. this should be the right link!

  • wormguy


    I’m finally getting mine properly on paper soon and it seems like finding a specialist helped a lot! (Of course that means finding a whole new doctor/office/etc but it made us realize that we spent years at a place that didn’t specialize in the type of care that I needed)

  • Infinity


    Try to unmask as much as possible!

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