Last night I had to go back to the emergency room for the 4th time this month with a 77 pulse ox. No matter how many times I have these terrible asthma attacks and end up in the hospital I feel like my doctors have given up on trying to improve my wellbeing


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  • E_belli


    Stupid question- have you ever seen an allergist? When I was younger, I saw an allergist to manage my severe allergies and severe asthma. Do you know what triggers your asthma attacks?

    • sleepyk12


      this is a good point. My mold allergy was triggering all of my asthma attacks when I was younger.

    • AlessaUk


      spot on. My asthma is definitely allergic and I've been feeling much better since I started immunotherapy to be desensitised to allergens xx

      • E_belli


        allergy shots helped me too! Had them for way too long lol. The only other thing that helped like with my allergy to dogs was getting dogs haha. But allergies suuuuuck!

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