My mother is in her 70s and she has been getting coughs that is lasting longer than normal. Ive read up that the pollen count has been high lately but I feel it's something else. She is getting conjestion to dry cough and sometime it goes back and forth. she also gets thick mucus, mostly at night but sometime during the day as well. There is no sign of her being sick and she has tried different boxes of mucinex, which none have worked. The nasal spray doesn't do much for her. She can not smell or taste in the past month she first started the cough and tested negative on the Covid. Any thoughts?

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)


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  • KitKat1450


    I’ve had a few of my extended family members diagnosed with congestive heart failure and the cough they developed was the first sign. It’s pretty distinct sounding- sounds like a mix of mucus and raspy/dry. I would recommend if nothing is working to at least get checked out by a cardiologist. Hopefully it’s not that or something similar though.

  • Snoots


    I have CHF and this spring I developed this cough I could not get rid of for a couple months. I had clear flem with cough and I don’t like it. I thought it was the high pollen Clint but I remained inside the house most of the time. After 2 months I realized the cough was most likely having CHF. I take Zyrtec daily and it helped a lot.

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