I'm afraid my boyfriend hates me, ive asked him so many times if he does hate me or if I annoy him in any way and he responds with no reaponses, though we don't talk as much as we used to.. im so nervous and feel like throwing up anytime i see him in class now because i just don't want to lose my relationship with him, i really love him

he's texted me first only like 2 times this month, ive asked tarot cards for advice and they told me it's best to give him time alone.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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    I think it might be time to sit your boyfriend down and have a serious talk about what's going on and what's best for both of you. If he refuses to do that, then it may be best for you to move on. Of course, no one wants to break up with someone they love, but at this point it sounds like he's not giving you the attention you deserve, and if he's not willing to discuss why, then that's a big red flag. If it is the worst case scenario, then make sure you have a support group ready should you decide to leave him. Keep your friends close, do some hobbies, listen to music, etc. It's never easy, but from the sound of this post, you're young. I guarantee that this will not be the last time you are loved. You will find the right person, believe me. Best of luck 💜

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