I know I need to go to the doctor since it's been a while but I've been procrastinating so hard since I hate having to discuss all my problems with a new doctor. It always takes so long having to explain everything and they usually focus on things that don't need to be focused on. Am I the only one?

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  • TheDreamingKind


    I totally understand that. I actually have been waiting on getting a new primary care too...

  • Dreams09


    Yes I hate this :( fortunately my last doctor was super neat and created a whole folder with all my medical history for my next doctor. If you change doctors you can ask them to give you a report of their notes and all your history with them for the next one, it's easier that way!

  • AmyM



  • wise


    seeing a new doctor is a massive pain. I lucked out with my current doctor, who heard about me from my mom and read my entire chart front to back because she'd heard I had a "complex medical history" 😂 she's also great because she's willing to admit when she's wrong or isn't sure what to do and trusts that I know what specialist I need to see. she's just finished her residency, so we've also worked on what her plan of approach should be with certain rarer/harder to diagnose conditions like EDS. it's been an interesting experience to be the one teaching in my doctor's office every once in a while, but I highly recommend it if you find a doc willing and able to be wrong sometimes lol

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