I'm worried about my condition progressing beyond any help. I have a baby and I'm constantly terrified of hurting him during an episode.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Mars


    This is something that I worry about a lot too. I don’t have any kids yet, and I’m constantly horrified by stories of bipolar mothers and wives. I will say that my own mother struggles with bipolar disorder as well, and she has always been the most gentle person in my life, manic, depressive, or doing just fine. She gives me hope and I hope she will too.

  • Mars


    Will give you hope too**

  • Nik10


    Hey, I can understand your feeling, that thought is really terrifying. I think sharing this fear with people closest to you will calm you down a bit. You'll realize that people will be for you and will protect your baby during your episodes.

  • Neomi


    Hi you, it's so important that you share your worries out loud. Have you told your husband so he can be there for you and your baby? Do you take any madications now? After my baby was born I had postpartum depression and I went to therapy. It was so good for me to talk with someone without worrying he will judge me, maybe you can try it too?

  • Lilpeep4ever


    💕 Maybe u should take some time for u. Like a week or 2. It's okay

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