does anyone else get mindpops that are unusually intense??
I feel like it's connected to my ADHD but it's so weird to me. it'll be in a different voice and make no sense.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Apricat


    What's a mindpop, if you don't mind me asking?

    • kepler


      ofc! From what I've be able to find it's the most similar to what I experience. It's something seemingly completely random just popping up in your head, a word or phrase that's out of nowhere. Like a short, completely benign "intrusive thought" For most people these are accidental memories, phrases they have heard recently, etc For me it is absolutely completely random. I can never find an original source no matter how hard I try *and* hey are in different voices, sometimes ones that I have never heard before

  • Y0g1


    Oh yeah- mine are normally phrases or quotes from shows even if I haven’t thought of that show or movie much less watched it in years. And it just sticks there. I catch myself typing it sometimes when doing school work and have to go back and delete the mindpop… glad other people get them randomly

  • Akashiva


    Never heard the term mindpop before, that’s interesting! I get something similar where think of some form of psychological or physiological fact about the human body or any other form of science-related topic for no reason. I’m pretty sure it is related to my interests and hobbies.

  • Spud


    Never quite experienced that, but I am randomly thrust into childhood memories rather often. It's like I don't even get to decide what it is I daydream so intensely about too.

  • gibby_gibson


    literally all the time but i also have an issue with tics so i usually convince myself its related to that!

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