TW: S/H urges

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I need a bit of help from someone experienced with this. I'm currently feeling urges to self harm, but I can't quite get rid of them. Very little things work for me. I can't distract myself, I can't use any my coping mechanisms, I can't do the "ice cube trick" or the "hot water trick", I ESPECIALLY can't do the duct tape trick... nothing seems to work when I'm in such a bad situation. I need some help finding a way to keep me from doing this to myself.


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  • krush


    hey! i am sorry you are feeling out of control when you are trying your best to have control. i talked to my therapist about this last month…i was suggested to sit in “my safe place” (ex. bed) and meditate, or take a nap. We also went through a list that may help…i understand that this is easier said then done. but when i actually sat down with my notebook to write s list, i realized there is a lot of things i can do to distract myself. I especially ended up writing a lot of things that remind me or put me in the headspace that makes me feel loved and appreciated. For example, talking to a best friend or any friend who always lifts up your spirit. If you are a nature enthusiast like i am, talking walks around nature (trees, lakes, just lots of fresh air, a place where you can observe nature) is a good idea too. I hope this helps. Healing is never linear. I believe in you. <3

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