does anyone know if ADD/ADHD plays a part in art block or art burnout?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Kendoll


    Id assume so, ive always had issues with it. It makes sense with our cycles of hyperfixation and burnout.

  • Spookstrrr


    Okay, that makes sense. Thank you for making me feel a lil reassured ❤❤

  • caravan


    🐛 oh 4 sure! it makes it rlly hard 2 focus or get motivated and if u hyperfocus on art it makes it even harder 2 focus on anything else

  • t0xicfartz


    YES absolutely !! Its gotten better with medication but i go through periods of demotivation and stuff even if i REALLY wanna draw it sucks

  • Cybele


    Yes! It is perfectly common for this to happen. From my experience, it caused me to stop art completely for 8 years. I recently picked it back up. Acknowledging that it’s ADD/ADHD is honestly really helpful to pursuing art- don’t kill your brain, and let the art be a medium for stress and other emotions.

  • Jazzybella


    Yes it does for me

  • Sheaa


    Yes! Not only has it affected my art but it’s also affected my daily life and general burnout. Thankfully medication has helped, however it’s gotten much more manageable for me by committing to learning how to manage my adhd symptoms and how to accept them. As well as adopting like,, more non traditional ways of life in order to live with my adhd

  • SeektheMeek


    Yes! You got to keep things fun or you don’t function

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