So, my best friend and I started fighting last Sunday over me getting wrapped up in for honor with a few of my other friends.. he thought I was flirting and started lashing out at me.. been fighting all week and it's made me lose 10 lbs from all the stress it's putting me under, started scratching my face again, to the point of ripping open the skin on my left cheek next to my nose. normally I'd be playing with my anxiety ring but it slipped off the day or 2 days before we started fighting... what really scares me is that I'm supposed to be moving down with him in 2 weeks... and I can't just back out because his 6 year old son is so excited... but my best friend has been acting like he owns me.. and it doesn't help that my dad's 10 year death anniversary is coming up so that's making my brain even more foggy.. he doesn't understand that around this time of year I get lost in myself... and my only way of coping was playing games, getting lost in them .. I never had anyone to talk to when I was younger about everything going on in my head, about everything I've been through... and it's so hard to open up... and that's one thing he's been getting so mad about... because he tells me things when I ask him about it... but it just feels like I can't talk... like I choke on the words... does anyone else feel like this...

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