I'm tired of feeling like this. I know I have a lighter version of long-haul, but it's wrecking my life. It's set my anxiety and ADHD on overdrive, my limbs always feel weak, and my mental state... I'm struggling. I forget words. My short term memory is a joke. My spelling is awful. I had goals and plans for my life! I was going to start a business. I had everything ready to go... Now I feel like I'm barely functioning.

I know it's not as bad as that, but my mental roadblocks are keeping me from moving forward. I'm taking all kinds of supplements that are supposed to help. I don't know if they do or not, but it's all I've got. I feel so alone.


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  • giraffey


    Yeah, even though my after effect was mild ig, I still feel like Covid stripped a lot out of me. It’s definitely hard knowing that you’re not at your peak health/potential. I feel and call myself dumb so many times a day now. It’s also difficult there’s no clear treatment, and many people don’t know how bad this is. I feel like everything’s just been ruined like a hurricane to my body but this just means that we have so much more to improve and grow. Once we reach a thriving point, we can look back at how strong we were.

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