Hi I'm candy stopping to say hi new here normally don't do this kind of stuff get to nerves and such.. But trying something new to see if it can help me out on alot stuff maybe to much to write right now... But some is i use to be a person that would do anything for anyone which i still will but kind of hard where i have no vehicle no way to get no where or do anything even a job😕 which i have a vehicle just don't run have a husband that says he is going to fix it but something always comes i basically stay in the bed and do Nothing intill he does something... I've had to move in with him and him mom and dad but it really sucks cuz i can't do anything go anywhere and he will get anything do anything and get money from his mom all the time always gets ask if he needs anything or she just does it for him... I don't get ask or anything of the such if i need anything... When he needs something done he makes sure it gets done if his mom or anyone needs something done it gets done b4 anything we or i talk about doing stuff or getting stuff done and i either do it by myself and he watches me or he will say he is sick or hurting or something of such...we can go to the store and won't get ask if i need anything and he will get things for him i can say i like something and he will say don't have no money or next time... I could keep going but i feel I'm over talking sorry...😕♥


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