how do I get over my side effects of confrontation? for example, I just had a near full breakdown about confronting my roommate about cleaning habits and I get very violent trembles throughout my body that I can't stop or seem to control,,, almost like a chihuahua. it happens even with small things like not liking my food or asking my partner to do something. does anyone else experience this and have you found anything that helps?

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  • feellicks


    I find typing these things out helps me a lot. I get brain foggy when I get stressed so it gives me the time to think everything through before typing and sending it.

  • StrawberryMuffin


    I feel this. Usually I take really deep breaths and I make sure that I’m really calm before I talk to them. That way it’s not coming from a burst of anger. I also remind myself that what I’m asking is reasonable, and if their reactiom is nasty it’s not my fault

  • Wheezy_dustmite


    I feel this every single day. Finding someone you can talk to about it helps. You can see the "worst case scenario" and how non realistic that outcome really is!

  • Ceph


    When I get like this it helps a lot to talk to a third party or someone you find calming to talk to and go over things you want to say or even have them with you when you say it. I have a very hard time confronting my partner about even smaller things and it helps me to type things out or even just have them read it when you’re with them to get the conversation going.

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