I found out back in 2014 I began to have hip pain. I didn't think much of it but in 2016. I ended up slipping and trying to prevent a fall on ceramic tile that was wet might as well been I said I was trying to skate on. I ended up tearing my labrum and it took me over 2 years to get surgery for it. but now almost 3 weeks ago I was in a car accident and then two days later I ended up falling because my right ankle rolled and I just had nothing to stop me from falling so I just went with the gravity. and I fell right before I had to go to work. call me crazy but I went to work anyway after I fell. after work I went to the ER had an X-ray done and it showed that my right hip is bone on bone. my left hip I've had two hip surgeries one was a total replacement and the other one was revised hip surgery which was 9 months apart from the first one during that time I dislocated four times in a two-month period. when I was 19 I broke my tailbone in a motorcycle accident.

Hip pain

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