I relapsed with my eating disorder last night. Now I feel like crap. It's been 6 years since I've stopped. Now I'm struggling to eat today.

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  • Chamomile.days


    Relapses are terrible, especially after a long period of recovery. So sorry you are going through this, I have relapsed multiple times over the last 7 years of my ED recovery. The only thing that’s helped me for that is realising what caused me to relapse and how can I move forward from that. Sadly I think relapses are a part of recovery, you’re doing great. If it’s possible try to me gentle with yourself because recovery is really hard.

    • Kelso9344


      they are 😕 I'm sorry you have to go through this too. I'm doing ok now I haven't slipped up since the other night. I really hate struggling

      • Chamomile.days


        yeah I think that’s understandable, thanks I’ve been doing well with my eating disorder for over 2 years, since relapsing during the pandemic.

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