My friend completely shuts out people when things go wrong in his life. I understand that he is working through something and that he likes to do it alone, but he doesn't even answer my texts and when i tried talking to him in person he told me to "f*ck off". Am i wrong for thinking I deserve a little more than that? i understand it and I'm trying to be patient, but aren't i supposed to be a safe space for him. he might not want to talk about it, and that's fine. he might not want to talk like normal, thats fine too. but what isn't fine is him shutting off and ignoring me for a week and then coming back and acting like it didnt happen. Am i being rational?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • poodlelover28


    Sometimes I take a week or more to respond if I'm doing bad too but him telling you to "f*ck off" is completely out of line and you do deserve better than that

  • 4byfour


    Yeah no mental health issue gives someone an excuse to treat another person like they’re a burden. You are going out of your way to care, and although he deserves space if he needs it, ‘f*** off’ is not communicating. Especially, pretending like it didn’t happen is like…saying your feelings are expendable, and they’re not.

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