It is sooo hot today! I've discovered that when I get too hot I have trouble keeping my sugar up. It goes low even if I drink soda. Anybody else experience this?

Excessive Sweating

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • MaryC


    Is it from sweating? I haven't heard that before, however when my sugars get high I do start sweating excessively even though I'm actually cold. Wonder what the link is...

  • Empatheticmind


    I sweat like crazy when it gets above 75F, and that seems to be when my sugars start to drop.

  • MaryC


    Sounds like it is related. You might need to adjust your meds during the summer months, I suggest talking to your doctor. In the meantime I would recommend keeping glucose tablets around for when you get too low

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