has anyone been struggling with eating? these past 2 weeks I've eaten barley anything. I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good and I have to force myself to eat something. I'm lucky if I get a few bites in before I have to stop.


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  • Sissy2


    I wish I had that problem I want to eat too much then get too full! Lol

  • Bookworm94


    Yeah I go through spells with not eating much. Even after I grocery shop nothing sounds good.

  • IAng


    When this happens, I try a bunch of different foods. Then at some point one will stick for a few weeks before it starts to sicken me.

  • AllBluePrince


    I get that a lot. Sometimes just those little bites can feel like a mountain of work. Praise the victory and give yourself a little time. I get snacks that I can finish later if the urge to not eat becomes strong.

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